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Indulge in Freshly Baked Goodness at Wu Pao Chun Bakery

Wu Pao Chun Bakery (吳寶春麥方店) is a renowned artisan bakery based in Taiwan. It was established by Wu Pao Chun, a Taiwanese baker who won the prestigious Master Baker title at the 2010 Bakery World Cup held in Paris. The bakery is known for its high-quality breads and pastries, which are made using premium ingredients […]

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Dona Manis Cake Shop | Best Banana Pie in Singapore

I have no qualms about recommending Dona Manis Cake Shop to anyone who enjoys traditional sweet treats like a good old banana pie. In fact I don’t think there is another bakery in Singapore that does banana pies in the same way as Dona Manis. That’s probably why their banana pies are so special even […]

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Salahuddin Bakery – Bengali Curry Puffs, Old-School Breads & Buns

If you love old school treats like the banana cakes and coconut buns from Hiap Joo Bakery, you may also want to check out Salahuddin Bakery while in Johor Bahru. Salahuddin Bakery is located on Jalan Dhoby, which is about a 2-minute walk away from Hiap Joo, right on the next street. If you don’t […]

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Hiap Joo Bakery – Still The Best Banana Cake I’ve Ever Had

Having tried many banana cakes in Singapore and elsewhere, I just couldn’t find anything close to the banana cakes from Hiap Joo Bakery in Johor Bahru. Their banana cakes really reminded me of my childhood in the 1980s. My late granny and I loved banana cakes a lot then and they were readily available at […]

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Ghee Hiang Bakery | What To Buy In Penang

One of my favourite things to buy when in Penang would be the tau sar piah (豆沙饼) from Ghee Hiang Bakery. I must say their tau sau piah is one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s a taste of tradition yet their pastries are made very giftable with proper box packaging. Prices are reasonable […]

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Champion Bolo Bun – World’s First Bolo Bun Concept Store

My hubby seemed to be very into bolo buns these days since our dinner date at Fat Po, where we tried a fusion dish of Masala Breaded Fish Bolo Burger. He kept saying the bolo bun was the best thing on the entire plate, lol. When I heard that Champion Bolo Bun, which is also […]

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Uggli Muffins – Don’t judge a muffin by its looks!

Shop on Pickupp Ever since I discovered Pickupp’s food delivery service more than a month ago, I’ve been using it regularly to deliver tea time treats from my favourite bakeries to my doorstep. Very convenient service as I’m working from home so it really saves me the time and hassle to travel to town just […]

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MuYoo Bakery – Awesomely soft & QQ mochi buns!

Wasn’t planning to buy bread after a super satisfying dinner at Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen, which left me feeling really stuffed. But I just couldn’t resist when I saw some people piling up these mochi buns on their trays when I walked past MuYoo Bakery, lol. Mu 沐 = Cleanse (natural) Yoo 优 = Excellence […]

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Continental Bakery – A Popular Old-School Bakery in Penang

After having what I felt was the best char koay teow at Ah Leng Char Koay Teow, Mervin brought us to Continental Bakery because he knows I love to check out the local bakeries whenever I travel, lol. Continental Bakery is a household name in Penang. It’s known for its wide selection of traditional breads […]

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Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop (名香泰饼家) | Penang

After a very satisfying lunch at Joo Hooi Cafe where we tucked into some local favourites, we popped over to Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop which was just next door. Day 1 – Round 3, here we come! This Ming Xiang Tai outlet on Penang Road really oozes an old school charm. The shop front […]

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50年 Taste of Tradition – Best Portuguese Egg Tarts in Singapore

I never had the chance to try the Portuguese egg tarts from 50年 Taste of Tradition earlier as I always turned up at an outlet at a wrong timing. Either the egg tarts were sold out because people ahead had packed dozens to go or that the tarts were still baking in the oven and […]

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[Closed] Korean Mini Buns from Mama Huluruk Bakery

Update: This bakery has ceased operations. Whenever we come by Northshore Plaza in Punggol, we would always see something new to try. Decided to have lunch at Mama Huluruk, which opened not too long ago. I will share more about our lunch experience in a separate blog post as I want to introduce the Korean […]

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Chizu & Honzu – Not Your Average Croissant!

Came across Chizu & Honzu as we were walking around AEON Mall Tebrau City in Johor Bahru. It was that fresh-out-of-the-oven aroma that first caught my attention and I just couldn’t resist that tempting scent. Chizu & Honzu are actually two sister brands/companies. Chizu (on the right hand side) specialises in cheese teas/drinks whereas Honzu […]

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Asanoya Bakery Singapore

Asanoya Bakery on Queen Street is now one of my weekend offices. That’s the advantage of working on-the-go with just a laptop so I can virtually make anywhere my workspace so long it’s conducive enough. ? And this spacious bakery cafe exactly fits the bill. Asanoya Boulangerie is a Japanese bakery that specialises in Japanese & […]

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Henri Charpentier @ Tanjong Pagar Centre

Back at one of my favourite dessert places. ? Japanese patisserie chain Henri Charpentier used to be located at Dempsey and it boasted a pretty and atas outfit that really made us feel like tai-tais when dining in. Now that the Dempsey restaurant is closed, we can still head to their two outlets at Tanjong […]

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Tai Cheong Bakery Singapore – Egg, Coconut or Durian & Cheese?

If you haven’t tried the pastries from Tai Cheong Bakery Singapore, now is the time to do so as there is no queue even during peak hours. ? Having my Hong Kong egg tart tea break now really brings back some fond holiday memories. The classic egg tart is one of the must-eats when visiting […]

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