Champion Bolo Bun – World’s First Bolo Bun Concept Store

My hubby seemed to be very into bolo buns these days since our dinner date at Fat Po, where we tried a fusion dish of Masala Breaded Fish Bolo Burger. He kept saying the bolo bun was the best thing on the entire plate, lol.

When I heard that Champion Bolo Bun, which is also the World’s First Bolo Bun Concept Store, had opened in town, I knew I had to get some bolo buns for him to try. He literally beamed with joy when I told him that. Just like a little kid.?

Champion Bolo Bun - World's First Bolo Bun Concept Store

Use Pickupp for hassle-free delivery

Last week, I shared my experience of using the Pickupp app to order muffins from Uggli Muffins. This time round, I also used Pickupp to deliver these bolo buns from Champion Bolo Bun to my doorstep.

Currently, Champion Bolo Bun has one flagship store in Singapore and it’s located on Tanjong Pagar Road. If you don’t travel to or pass by CBD area often, consider using Pickupp as it’s easier and more hassle-free.

Next time when I’m in town, I’ll visit the store personally as apparently it consists of a 70-seater space in a 3-storey shophouse so it seems like a nice place to chill.

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Champion Bolo Bun - World's First Bolo Bun Concept Store


For the full menu, please refer to their website here.

They have 4 items under the Bolo Bun series. And I ordered one of each, which was marked out clearly on the top of each box.

It’s interesting to know they actually have such an exchange policy. Very thoughtful and generous of them to allow such an exchange in order to maximise our bolo-bun-eating experiences. Kudos??

Champion Bolo Bun - World's First Bolo Bun Concept Store

As the bolo buns did not arrive warm, I popped them into the oven at 180 degree C (with fan mode on) for approx. 6-7 minutes. Turned out perfect. Just like fresh out of the oven.

Classic $4.50

Even though bolo bun was never my kind of thing, I must say my first bite of this bolo bun had definitely won me over! The crust on top was buttery, crumbly and mildly sweet. I could taste a hint of pork lard (if I wasn’t wrong) which I understood was the key element to making an authentic Hong Kong style bolo bun. This was absolutely legit!

What I really loved about it most was the bread itself. The texture was somewhat pillowy with a slight chew like some traditional, old school buns that I had before. Some bolo buns I had previously were the airy kind and they lacked in that good textural bite. This was different and I really enjoyed it.

4 Mini Classics $4.50

Similar to the Classic except this was divided into 4 quarters. If you’re watching your diet and just want a small piece or if you want to share calories with others, then get this, lol.

Classic with Butter $5

OMG. This was da bomb! Even better than the Classic! So moist, oily and buttery on the inside. They used salted butter which I thought paired really well with the sweet crust on top. Combination was simply heavenly. Very moreish. But take note, your fingers would end up getting greasy because the butter really seeped through to the bottom. Well, I’m not complaining, haha! It just shows how generous they are with the butter.

Curry Potato $6

I absolutely adored this too. This was definitely one of the most delicious curry buns I ever had. The curry filling had minced chicken, potatoes and curry leaves in it. Mildly spicy but quite shiok.

Final Thoughts

I’m now a convert. Thanks to Champion Bolo Bun. From someone who doesn’t find bolo buns exciting to someone who actually enjoys them now. I’m completely sold. Though their bolo buns are not the cheapest in the market, they are well worth their price tags because they taste good. I’m coming back for more because what I got this time wasn’t even enough for the two of us as I kept stealing bites from my hubby, lol.

Champion Bolo Bun
92 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088513
11am to 7pm Mon-Tue & Thu-Fri
8.30am to 7pm Sat-Sun
Closed on Wednesdays

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