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The Best Eats in Jiufen: A Foodie’s Guide

Nestled in the hills of Northern Taiwan lies the charming old town of Jiufen. Known for its stunning views, rich history and charming old streets, it is also a foodie’s paradise, attracting people from all corners of the globe. During our Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and Shifen Day Tour, we had the opportunity to visit Jiufen […]

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Tasting the Best of Taiwanese Street Food at Raohe Night Market

After checking in at Cho Hotel, we proceeded to Wufenpu, which is the biggest clothing market for wholesale in Taipei. This market is located in close proximity to Raohe Night Market, which is a popular destination among food lovers seeking to sample the finest Taiwanese street food. Wufenpu 五分埔 Wufenpu is similar to Bangkok’s Pratunam […]

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One Day in Tamsui: What to See, Do and Eat in Taipei’s Seaside District

Tamsui, also known as Danshui, is situated in the northern part of Taipei and is known for its beautiful riverfront, scenic views, and delicious food. The district has a rich history, having been originally inhabited by indigenous people and subsequently settled by the Spanish and Dutch in the 17th century, before becoming a thriving trading […]

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Late Night Eats at Zhonghua Road Night Market in Taichung

Zhonghua Road Night Market (中華路夜市) is situated along Zhonghua Road in Taichung’s Central District and has historically been one of Taichung’s most popular early night markets. However, since the emergence of additional night markets in other neighbourhoods, the number of visitors to Zhonghua Road Night Market has diminished significantly. Despite this decline, the market remains […]

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Fengjia Night Market – A Foodie’s Paradise in Taichung

At the end of our half day tour to Rainbow Village and Gaomei Wetlands, the tour coach dropped us off at Fengjia Night Market. Night markets are an important part of Taiwanese culture and are deeply ingrained in the daily lives of the people. They serve as a hub for socialising, shopping, and dining, and […]

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Dongdamen Night Market in Hualien 東大門夜市

Dongdamen Night Market (aka East Gate Night Market 東大門夜市), which opened in July 2015, is Hualien County’s largest night market. Hualien is Taiwan’s largest gateway to the Pacific Ocean, hence the name East Gate Night Market. The current location of the night market (between Beibin Park and Nanbin Park) was once the grounds of the […]

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A Taste of Taiwan: Exploring the Shilin Night Market

After spending the day exploring Dadaocheng and Dihua Street, we boarded the MRT and travelled to Shilin Night Market in Taipei’s Shilin District. Shilin Night Market is one of Taiwan’s biggest and most well-known night markets. Anyone visiting Taipei should not miss this ‘attraction’. 🙂 Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 Shilin Night Market is known for […]

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Ningxia Night Market

After an awesome late lunch at Kura Sushi, we headed towards the Taipei Main Station to check out the underground mall, where I spent ages shopping for skincare and beauty products, lol! Supposed to make our way to Ningxia Night Market but we were ‘hijacked’ by L’Herboflore sales promoters. Before coming to Taiwan, I had […]

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Chulia Street Night Market | Penang

After having nasi kandar at Hameediyah Restaurant, we went jalan jalan in the vicinity. Walked to Lebuh Carnarvon where we spotted street hawkers setting up pushcarts, tables and chairs on both sides of the road. This was Chulia Street Night Market, another popular food street in George Town. These street hawkers used to do business […]

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Sister Curry Mee (暹罗姐妹咖喱面) | Air Itam Market | Penang

After a wonderful breakfast of wok-hei-laden char koay teow at Tiger Char Koay Teow, we made our way to Air Itam Market as we intended to visit Kek Lok Si Temple later in the day. So convenient to get around with Grab from where we were in George Town. The trip to Air Itam Market […]

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Kimberley Street Night Market | Penang

Day 1 in Penang. Our food journey continues to our 4th stop of the day. And this time, it would be street food at Kimberley Street Night Market. Every evening around 5pm, Lebuh Kimberley would be turned into a vibrant food street with pushcart hawkers lining up along the street. Kimberley Street Night Market is […]

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CentralWorld Bangkok Pop-Up Market

One thing that I really love about Bangkok is that it is never short of pop-up markets. Even if you come back twice a year for holiday, there’s always new things to see, eat and buy. No wonder E mentioned that he wanted to live in Bangkok, haha. Anyway, if you’ve been to this city, […]

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Chatuchak Weekend Market – For Cheap Shopping and Foot Massages

After having a good brunch at Or Tor Kor Market, we made our way to the Chatuchak Weekend Market via the underground walkway of the Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station. We had to walk through the Metro Mall to get across to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This was a small air-conditioned underground mall which we had […]

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MBK Center – Food Court, Street Market and a Tuk-Tuk Scam

It wasn’t our first time taking a tuk-tuk in Bangkok but it was the first time that we nearly got scammed. We wanted to get to MBK Center from Pratunam Market. Saw a couple of tuk-tuk drivers waiting by the roadside (and harassing tourists for business as usual) but we totally ignored them and flagged […]

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Pratunam food street – Bangkok’s most authentic and best street food experience

The most wonderful thing about staying at Patra Boutique Hotel was that we were right smack in the middle of what I thought was Bangkok’s best food street. The moment we walked out our hotel, we would see all the Pratunam food stalls on the left and right. And it would be like this all […]

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Delicious Banh Mi Trung on Ngo Huyen Street, Hanoi

This was one of my favourite supper spots in Hanoi because it was the only banh mi place that was closest to our hotel that opened till late around 11pm+ or so. It was set up in the shop front of a travel agency by the name of Sinh Cafe. Do note that are many […]

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