Spring Tomorrow
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He just called. And he left for Redang. I really have a great phobia of picking up the phone these days. Because most of the times, the calls do not bring me good news. They would make me feel nauseated & dizzy. And the worst? I’d become hysterically agitated and my blood pressure will shoot […]

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Unfinished Journey

I wrote this poem when someone precious left the house in which I grew up in and since then home had become a cold and distant thing. The many pains that followed stuck with me till today. I hadn’t manage to forgive and forget but I’m trying my best. After all, life is an unfinished […]

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Seasons of Life

I love writing, that’s why I enjoy blogging but not many people know that I pen poems too. The thing about poetry is that it need not be a refined form of art because it is more of an expression of our thoughts and feelings and a reflection of our state of mind. Writing a […]

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