Life Is But A Dream

I drew inspiration from a poem that my childhood friend had written for me two decades ago. To reflect the times when I lost track of where I was heading to during the growing up years. Many times, I really wished life was just a dream so when I wake up the next morning, everything […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day: I Wish Upon A Star

I wrote this light-hearted poem for my husband when I first fell in love with him almost a decade ago. Those were the days I always had the warm and fuzzy feeling inside me when thinking of him and my heart always fluttered when he was around me. 9 and 1/2 years of knowing each […]

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A Christmas Night

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I remembered when I was little (probably 5 years old), I found an old Christmas stocking somewhere in the house so I hung it by my bed, hoping for Santa to stop by to fill up my stocking with little surprises. I slept early, told myself not to […]

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Life isn’t a Bed of Roses

This beautiful poem was written by another website reader of mine. It’s really uplifting especially during moments when you fall and don’t have the strength to stand up again. Sometimes all we need is just something to hang on to… Life isn’t a Bed of Roses by Elise Thick and thin you’ll go through all […]

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A Friendship Poem

The second poem written by one of my old-time website readers, Amit. A very lovely and inspiring one. Enjoy. Amit, thanks for sharing once again. I would love to see more of your works coming through. Let’s continue to inspire, like what we used to do. Friendship by Amit Friendship is the kind of love […]

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A True Friend

I had received this poem contribution from an acquaintance who was a regular visitor of an old website of mine. That was like 8-9 years ago when I was self-learning HTML and trying to create a personal website for myself on Yahoo GeoCities. Amit often shared stories on friendship and life and started penning two […]

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Touched by an Angel

I wrote this poem to remember this person I met at work who had shared wealth and woe with me during my most difficult times when I was thrown into the deep sea, struggling to keep alive…His words of wisdom were extremely encouraging and always provided the much needed consolation when no one else could […]

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Meteor Garden

Have you ever wondered where one will go when life ends? I have thought about it before. Though we can never get an answer till the day we depart. Our love for the person who leaves us will only get stronger and memories would stay till the end of time… Meteor Garden by Geri Tan […]

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Love Lost & Found

When John and I first broke up many years ago, we tried to move on with our lives but we never did forget each other. I always thought about him even though we weren’t even talking and the distance and time lost between us only preserved our love. When we found each other again, we […]

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Make a Wish

Sometimes, I wish life could be a little kinder to me but I wish I could be even more kinder to myself. There’s only so much I can do. My husband always say I’m too hard on myself even though I’ve already done my best. Everyday I have to keep reminding myself that a lot […]

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I’m proud of myself for making the first step today. Talking to S gave me a new outlook. I am glad (and thankful) for having an understanding soul like her in my life. Hopefully it will put me on the road to recovery and let me find back my old bubbly self. I never realised […]

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This poem reflected the many times I felt my heart dropped during my teen years while juggling with my studies, my grandfather’s passing, family problems and the depression that followed… Fears by Geri Tan Walk into a hall with paper and gear What you get is the feeling of fear Out of a room with […]

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Heroine by Geri Tan If only I were the pen you were holding I would know what you were writing On the pages of your most trusted friend Ink tells us a story A story that was never meant to be As dramatic as it could be The author of this very story is the […]

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I wrote this poem in remembrance of a special friendship that wasn’t treasured when we parted ways. The ‘lift and escalator in our houses’ conversation… The ‘lemonade & orange juice’ code names… The cute stray kitten that we looked after… Jack’s Place… Famous Amos’ double chocolate chip with pecan cookies… Thank you for the memories. […]

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I Love You, Grandma 我爱你, 嬷嬷

I realised I have written poems for a couple of special people in my life but I’ve never penned one for Grandma. If you’ve read my earlier post about my Grandma, you’d know how much she means to me. I was a lonely child. And only my Grandma held my hand. I really wish I could […]

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Starry Night…and Good Night!

Whenever I’m feeling down, I have a habit of standing by the window at night and looking at the sky. Sometimes, I see stars near and far. Sometimes, a crescent or full moon. All of them seem to be comforting me from above… Starry Night by Geri Tan Starry starry night I look out of […]

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