Unfinished Journey

I wrote this poem when someone precious left the house in which I grew up in and since then home had become a cold and distant thing. The many pains that followed stuck with me till today. I hadn’t manage to forgive and forget but I’m trying my best. After all, life is an unfinished journey. You wouldn’t know what to expect at the finishing line.

Unfinished Journey
by Geri Tan

Tomorrow brings a lonely day
Yet I haven’t lived in vain
Cried my sorrows in the rain
Happiness never comes again

Wishing life could start again
With hope and love without the pain
Life as sweet as candy canes
All went down to memory lane

Walking down the one-way lane
What I’ve wished has gone in vain
Promises simply make me faint
Because I know they’re always lame

I wish I could frame the eyes of the saint
To let her see the strength I’ve maintained
And now, I’m almost over it again
Trying to wash them out of my brain

A spur moment of being insane
Is just what it all remains
Will a new story finally begin?
A new chapter has already commenced

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