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Leek & Chicken Pie Recipe

I drew inspiration from a cottage or shepherd’s pie whose only crust is made with mashed potatoes. And for a healthier alternative, I chose to use a 0% fat greek yogurt instead of cream or canned soup to make the chicken-leek mix thicker, creamier and more flavoursome. If you don’t fancy leeks, you can always […]

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Kimchi Pancake Recipe

I had half a pack of kimchi left in the fridge after making bibimbap the night before and thought I’d use it to make kimchijeon (kimchi pancake) as a tea time snack. If you have prawns or squids, you can always turn this into a more substantial seafood pancake. Just need to double the portion of ingredients […]

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12 Easy Chinese New Year Recipes for Good Luck & Prosperity

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, everyone must have made or are making plans for the reunion dinner and/or CNY lunch. Some probably prefer to eat out to save the hassle of cooking and washing up. Some would probably turn to buffet catering to feed a large family. There is also the option of having […]

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10 Easy Dinner Party Recipes That Will Wow Your Guests

The last week of December had got to be our busiest moment of entertaining guests, feasting and of course, fuelling my ultimate passion in cooking for others. The husband and I hosted three dinner parties on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – the last two weren’t even pre-planned in advance! And we created a buffet (no […]

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Minced Chicken Omelette Recipe

I was making some chicken dumplings earlier and had a small amount of minced chicken left so I decided to do an impromptu omelette dish. I don’t really consider this as a recipe per se since it doesn’t involve any complicated prep or require any special seasoning but I just thought I’d share how I ‘decorated’ […]

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Tomato Egg Recipe

One of the husband’s favourite dishes from our usual mixed rice stall is a Tomato Egg dish that is sweet, tangy and saucy which really gives a lot of punch and flavour when doused over white rice. The only gripe I had with that was that it contained MSG and was quite oily so I tried recreating […]

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Oven Baked Falafel Recipe

I’d been thinking of making falafels at home for quite some time but I found it a hassle to deep fry them (well, besides being heaty) when I only needed a quick (hopefully healthy) bite as a snack. So yes, oven baking was the only way out. I added panko to the chickpeas to bulk them up […]

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Flourless Ham, Egg & Cheese Muffin Recipe

This Flourless Ham, Egg & Cheese Muffin Recipe is almost a replica of my Egg & Ham Breakfast Muffin Recipe except that this time, I used beaten egg instead of cracking a whole egg into each muffin and also added some cheese into it. It kind of reminded me of a crustless quiche. Have this for […]

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Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Crispy Bacon Recipe

I was just telling the husband the other day that I hadn’t had Mac N Dees pancakes for the longest time so I decided to make them for breakfast since I had all the ingredients available in my pantry. Best of all, there were some leftover bacon too which I pan-fried to crisp and ate […]

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A Healthy Breakfast of Overnight Oats with Assorted Fruits

Overnight oats are probably the greatest time savers in the morning. Basically they are just rolled oats soaked in milk and/or yogurt in the fridge overnight so you can just dig in right away the next morning before heading out to school or work. I never like oats that much before though my husband can […]

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Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe

Mashed potato is such a classic dish that I’m sure most of us have eaten a lot of it since we were little. While I like those with creamy textures that almost melt in the mouth, the coarsely mashed ones are equally tasty especially if you don’t mind eating potato skins. I like to keep […]

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Tempeh, Tofu & Avocado Salad Recipe

This is another rendition of my Egg, Bacon & Avocado Salad Recipe that I just made up on the spot the other day for lunch after I came back from gym. While I decided to keep the hard-boiled egg in this, I substituted the bacon with firm tofu and tempeh (fermented soybeans) hence making this a […]

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Ham & Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

What do pizzas, cheese burgers, lasagne, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, cheese steak and nachos fries (oh boy, the list just goes on doesn’t it?) have in common? Yes, they are all CHEESY foods. If I’d name an ingredient which I think would be the world’s best invention, I’d have to say it’s cheese. It’s […]

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Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

My mum had once told me before that when she was still carrying me, she always had a craving for chicken pies besides nasi lemak (even in the wee hours of the night) though it wasn’t her favourite type of food. Seemed like I was born to eat chicken pies, lol. If my memory serves […]

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Poached Egg on Rye Toast with Vegan Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Eggs Benedict has got to be one of my top favourite brunch items. Think light & fluffy sourdough English muffins, crispy bacon, poached eggs with runny yolks and a generous drizzle of Hollandaise sauce all on one plate. What could be better than this? I swooned over the Eggs Benny from Spruce @ Phoenix Park which I thought […]

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Using Avocado as a Salad Dressing and an Egg, Bacon & Avocado Salad Recipe

Have you ever eaten mashed avocados but thought they tasted like boiled eggs? Probably that’s why I love avocados a lot, lol. I often substitute mayonnaise or other store-bought sauces with avocados to make this creamy, buttery yet heart-healthy dressing for most of my salads. This is pretty much a high protein & low carb type of salad […]

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