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Home-made pizza sauce and tortilla pizza recipes

I have always preferred thin-crusted pizzas (like Spizza’s) to classic hand-tossed thicker ones as the crunch of the crispy crust gives the pizza an inviting texture without filling me up so I can enjoy more varieties of different flavours. At home, the husband and I eat tortilla wraps regularly so they will always be in […]

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Minced Pork with Egg Tofu Recipe

The husband loves eggs as well as anything with eggs so naturally he’d adore egg tofu too. In order to make this an even more eggy-tasting dish, I included a beaten egg into the minced meat mixture for a slightly gooey texture which really complemented the ‘drier’ egg tofu and the rice congee that I cooked. […]

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Egg & Ham Breakfast Muffin Recipe

This is a no-carb muffin recipe which is very easy to make without the hassle of preparing several components of the traditional fry-up. Only 3 ingredients are required but of course if you like, you can always include additional stuffs like button mushrooms, diced bell peppers, sweet corn kernels, bacon bits, etc to bulk them up. Egg & Ham […]

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Singapore Style Black Carrot Cake Recipe

Black carrot cake is one of my favourite weekend breakfast foods because I just love the generous amount of eggs in them that’s coated with sweet black sauce. When I saw ready made carrot cake at NTUC Fairprice, I just thought of making black carrot cake at home as a quick snack which is really […]

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Stir Fried Pig Liver with Ginger and Onions Recipe

It is really unusual for me to prepare a dish with pig liver as I’m never fond of it since I was young. Just that I cooked bak chor mee (minced meat noodles) a few days ago and had half of a pig liver left and the husband didn’t want me to waste it so […]

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Easy Hummus Recipe

I was first exposed to Middle Eastern & Egyptian cuisine nine years ago when an ex-colleague brought me to Altazzag at Haji Lane where I had one of the best hummus served with freshly-baked pita bread. From then, I fell in love with the exotic flavours of the Near East. I’d been regularly making this […]

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Ingredients for Steamboat, Easy Soup Bases and the Best Dipping Sauces

Update Feb 15: Went to Woodlands & Senoko for CNY food factory shopping and found a factory that specialises in a wide variety of steamboat ingredients at incredible prices. Check out my Chinese New Year 2015 Food Factory Wholesale Shopping @ Woodlands & Senoko post to find out more. I am currently planning on what […]

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Steamed Egg with Minced Pork Recipe

Granny used to make steamed egg for me when I was little and it was just a plain version without any meat. Always a joy to share the hot & comforting steamed egg with her as we ate it with white rice. For my version, I added some minced pork to bulk the dish up. […]

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A Homemade Full English Breakfast

I normally don’t eat breakfast but when I do, I eat like a king. And I can never resist a full English breakfast because I love variety. I love eating different things, enjoy different flavours, appreciate different textures all in one meal. For this breakfast, my husband joined me in the kitchen to prepare sauteed […]

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Cornmeal Pancakes Recipe

I had a big box of yellow cornmeal left after making corn muffins a while back so I decided to use them to whip up some pancakes for breakfast. The first time I made these cornmeal pancakes, they tasted a little gritty. This time, I par-cooked the cornmeal by pouring hot boiling water over it […]

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Tahini & Miso Salad Dressing Recipe

I had some tahini left in the fridge after making hummus the other day and thought I could make a salad dressing out of it. I had read up somewhere that tahini works pretty well with miso paste but I only had some mild miso which wasn’t rich enough to counteract the slightly bitter taste […]

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Tomato & Feta Cheese Omelette Recipe

I had some leftover feta cheese and cherry tomatoes in the fridge after making a salad last night. Just perfect for this omelette. Do note even though feta cheese is lower in fat compared to other cheeses, it is very high in sodium so this recipe will not be suitable for those who are trying to […]

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