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Healthy Laksa Recipe (with soy milk)

Laksa is a spicy noodle soup with a curry-like gravy that’s very popular in Malaysia and Singapore. Foodies here will probably know how ‘unhealthy’ laksa can be because of the use of coconut milk to give it that rich and creamy flavour and not forgetting that layer of reddish-looking oil that’s always floating on the […]

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Seafood Bee Hoon Recipe

Or should I call it Japchae-style seafood noodles? I drew inspiration from Japchae (a Korean stir-fry dish of sweet potato noodles or ‘dangmyeon’ and vegetables) and combined it with rice vermicelli (‘bee hoon’) to create this wet seafood bee hoon. It’s my rendition of the famous Sembawang white bee hoon with a Korean touch πŸ˜‰ […]

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Zha Jiang Mian Recipe

Literally translated as ‘fried sauce noodles’, zha jiang mian (炸酱青) is a Chinese wheat noodle dish with a chunky salty-sweet meat sauce that is made from fermented soy bean paste. It is what I call the Chinese version of Spaghetti Bolognese. The classic zha jiang mian normally uses minced pork in the sauce but I […]

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Mee Rebus Recipe

Mee rebus is a noodle dish that’s made of thick yellow noodles in a spicy sweet curry-like gravy and it’s very popular in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. It was a dish that I enjoyed since I was little and it only cost S$0.50 for a plate back in my primary school days in the 80s. […]

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Teochew Style Yam Rice Recipe

The last time I had yam rice was at my mum’s when she ‘anyhow’ made up one without a specific recipe in mind. That was just one of the very few occasions I would have dinner at her home since I got married because when she did cook, she didn’t seem to know how to […]

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Singapore Chilli Crab Style Seafood Spaghetti Recipe

Singapore’s most iconic national dish – the Singapore Chilli Crab – is well loved by many for a long time. While we love to mop up that delicious gravy with some fried mantou (Chinese bun) or douse rice with it, it also doubles up as an amazing dipping sauce for fried foods like potato wedges, […]

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Chicken Udon Noodle Soup Recipe

If I’m not specifically making chicken stock to store in the freezer, I like to cook a bigger pot of chicken soup (ABC, chicken-radish and the like) so that I can keep the extra soup for another meal the next day – really saves time and effort! I don’t really like using store-bought stocks because […]

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Low Carb Cabbage Lasagna Recipe

A BIG HELLO and a BIG HUG to all! I’m so excited to be back with my ‘first’ blog post because that just means I’ve pulled through a very successful operation that has given me a new lease of life. And seriously, no words can describe that feeling. I will be sharing more about my […]

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Yaki Udon Recipe (Vegetarian)

In about 7 hours’ time, I would be wheeled off to the operation theatre. Waiting for Operation Day for the past one week had been stressful though I tried my best to stay calm and positive. Needless to say, I was awake the whole of last night because it finally dawned on me that I […]

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Vegetarian Pasta Recipe (with pine nuts)

I don’t normally do meatless pastas at home but thought I would try making a simple vegetarian meal of angel hair pasta with crispy snow peas and crunchy pine nuts after getting inspiration from a vegetarian cooking magazine. The main flavouring agent would be the grated fresh parmesan cheese that gave the dish some sharpness. […]

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Take Each Day One Step at a Time and a Smoked Duck Fried Rice Recipe

I thought by preparing for the worst in my health situation, it would probably lessen the impact should any bad news come my way. I had really tried looking at the brighter side of things and wished that the big lump on my neck was probably just an infection of the thyroid gland and that […]

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Pan Seared Scallops with Spinach Couscous Recipe

Whenever I come up with a fusion invention dish, I’d always think twice if I should be sharing the recipe because my combination of flavours can be quite odd sometimes. Perhaps because I have adventurous taste buds, so almost anything works for me but I think that’s just the fun part of experimental cooking cos’ […]

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Broccoli and Sausage Pasta Recipe

While I love a good bratwurst in my English breakfast platter, I equally enjoy it in a pasta dish like this. You’d notice that I didn’t use any additional salt or seasoning in my recipe. The key is in Step 2 when pan-frying the sausage cos’ this is when oil and fat can be rendered […]

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Hearty Chicken Macaroni Soup Recipe

“Overnight food is bad for health.” The folks used to say this all the time. Perhaps it’s true to some extent as I’ve read before that certain food like leafy vegetables and seafood can be toxic if left till the next day. On the other hand, I think soups, stews and curries that are kept […]

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Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

This was a really quick brunch fix cos’ it was one of those make-ahead meals that I’d prepare the night before and all I would do the next day was just to toss the ingredients with the dressing. Nothing too fanciful as I just wanted to keep the flavours simple and I chose to use […]

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Cabbage and Pumpkin Rice Recipe

As we all know, rice is a staple in Chinese cuisine. While I don’t think rice tastes good on its own because it’s just plain and bland, it does pair beautifully with dishes that come with rich, savoury gravies or sauces. Also I like its versatility when it comes to cooking because there are endless […]

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