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Bacon Ranch Chicken Mushroom Quesadillas Recipe

This is the last dish I’m featuring as part of my Tex-Mex feast for the husband. And it’s probably the most difficult recipe to write because I’m so fussy when it comes to handling tortilla wraps as I like mine crispy to a certain extent on both sides so I was pretty meticulous during preparation. […]

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Beef Nachos Recipe

My husband often raves about the nachos served at Chilli’s that I decided to include it in my Tex-Mex feast for him. And I made such a huge portion that he not only had it for dinner, he had it cold for breakfast the next day! Oh man, he really ate like a king! But he […]

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Corn Muffins Recipe

It’s been a long while since I last ate corn muffins at Kenny Rogers Roasters. And I remembered how warm, fluffy and moist they were each time I took a bite into them. I came across a box of corn meal at Cold Storage one day and decided to try creating these muffins at home. […]

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Popiah (Chinese Fresh Spring Rolls) Recipe 薄饼

I love spring rolls. Be it fresh or fried. I just love how the different ingredients come together in a wrap just like the Mexican burrito except that you get a sweeter crunch of vegetables that makes you want more and more. I can probably eat 4-5 big rolls in one go. And when I […]

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