Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau and Chilli Crab Pau from Sin Mui Heng

One of the best salted egg paus (‘steamed buns’) I ever had was actually bought from the chilled section of the supermarket. Actually, I was surprised that I could get such high quality salted egg buns without having to visit an established dim sum restaurant so now I would just stock up with these ready packs and enjoy them anytime I want right at home.

I first got to try SMH’s premium range of buns at the Singapore Food Expo in May where they had a booth to promote the newly launched Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau and Chilli Crab Pau and the husband and I were already blown away by the former’s smooth, flowy and delicious salted egg custard filling. During one of our grocery shopping trips at NTUC Fairprice, we came across their promoter who generously offered us half a bun each of both flavours for sampling and I couldn’t resist bringing a few packs home to enjoy.

SMH Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau

Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau $5.40

SMH Chilli Crab Pau

Chilli Crab Pau $6.40

SMH Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau 2

Every pack came with 8 pieces which were similar in size as the smaller-sized char siew buns from Tiong Bahru Pau.

SMH Paus

Chilli Crab Pau on the left and Salted Egg Pau on the right

SMH Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau Inside

The first time I steamed the salted egg bun for about 5 minutes, the filling was dry and grainy to my disappointment. The second time I did it for 10 minutes, I almost got scalded by the spilling lava, lol which wasn’t a bad thing because it was a joy to see the custard oozing out of the bun. And best of all, it was DELICIOUS. The bun was soft and fluffy. The salted egg flavour was rich and ample and it didn’t taste greasy or oily at all. This, was so much better than many restaurant-standard liu sha baos. And price wise, they are just too affordable. Bravo.

SMH Chilli Crab Pau Inside

The chilli crab pau didn’t disappoint in taste as the filling had all the essential flavours of a good chilli crab – spicy and sweet. But I couldn’t detect much crab meat in it and also couldn’t quite make out what the ‘diced up’ ingredients were as they were all soft and flat in texture. If the ratio of filling to bun was a little higher, this would have been a more satisfying treat. At an equally affordable $6.40, I wouldn’t mind having these again.

Sin Mui Heng Food
Website: http://smhfood.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SMHfood

SMH’s Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau and Chilli Crab Pau are available in all major supermarkets in Singapore.


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