The New Dynamo Power Gel – An Effective Laundry Detergent and Stain Remover

Dynamo Power Gel

When I first received my bottle of Dynamo Power Gel, I was quite impressed with the product design because it came with a screw cap on top that doubled up as a measuring cup.

Dynamo Power Gel

As such, it was easy to measure out sufficient amounts of the power gel depending on the wash load size (about 45ml for 1 standard load of 15-20 pieces of clothing or 65ml for larger/dirtier loads) while minimising wastage. As this power gel was of a concentrated formula, it required a lesser amount to wash my usual load. I thought it would be in gel form as the name indicated but it was still very much a viscous fluid that easily poured out of the bottle.

Similar to the regular Dynamo detergents that I had used before, I didn’t have to worry that there would be too much suds that would probably leave my clothes with an overpowering smell of soap. The lingering after-wash smell was subtly fragrant and somewhat refreshing.

I tried the power gel on a cotton top that was accidentally stained with black vinegar when I was cooking earlier. I rubbed just a tiny amount of the power gel on the affected area, left it on for a minute and then hand-rubbed the fabric a few times before tossing it into the washing machine with the rest of the clothes for normal washing.

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Dynamo Power Gel

To my delight, the stain was gone! Time to get rid of those harsh stain removers and bleaching solutions that had wasted so much more time and effort to remove the same type of stains.

Effective stain removal. Affordability. Practicality. Convenience. What’s not to like about this? 🙂

The Dynamo Power Gel (2.7 litres) is available in Original, Anti-Bacterial, Colour Care and Downy and is retailing at a discounted price of S$10.90 (original price is S$13.40) on Qoo10. Just click on the image below to purchase.

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This product review is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Dynamo (P&G) or Qoo10.


  • Clarissa says:

    I have been using Dynamo laundry detergent for many, many years. It made my clothes clean and fresh then!

    Yes, I, too, was impressed by Dynamo’s product design. However, sad to say, its washing gel has changed drastically, not for the better.

    Dynamo Power Gel is now more dilute and its strong ‘fragrance’ leaves a lingering smell akin to unwashed clothes sprayed with fragrance.

    Please, Dynamo, being back our beloved laundry detergent of past!

    • ferox says:

      Musky smells is often a sign of using too much detergent that can’t be rinsed off by the machine. Try reducing your dosage by half and work from there.

      • Clarissa says:

        I have been handwashing all my clothes for many years and I have always ensured that my washing is well-rinsed before I hang it up to dry.

        The old Dynamo made my clothes clean and fresh.

        However, the new Dynamo Power Gel overpowers with a very strong smell on my clothes to the extent that it causes me to sneeze.

        I shall have to make a change.

  • Zoe says:

    Dynamo is not low suds and can’t be used for front load washers unless it is specified in a way that say it is low suds or suitable for front loaders.

  • Tang says:

    New power gel dynamo is the worst formula leaving strong smell on my clothes. I reduced the dosage and rinse the clothes more times but can’t get rid of the unplesant smell. Too bad. I will change to other brand. Too disapointed. I have been using dynamo for many years and i was happy with the old formula. New formula make me feel not comfortable.

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