Factors for Choosing an Affordable Florist

Flowers play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic value of your special occasion. Flower arrangement requires experience and professionalism. Therefore, instead of wasting your quality time, it’s important to invest in an affordable florist in Singapore. The right florist will help you attain your tastes and preferences while you can focus on other vital things for your occasion.

Finding an affordable florist can be a daunting task because there is stiff competition in this industry. There are specific things you should consider before you engage your ideal florist.

In this article, we will share some key factors that we should keep in mind when choosing an affordable florist.

Factors for Choosing an Affordable Florist

1. Determine Your Floral Needs

Determining your floral needs will help you choose a florist that will suit your tastes. Select a florist who will not only create floral arrangements but also offer advice and help in designing new ones. Having a unique and original design will make your occasion stand out. The ideal florist will help you design an arrangement according to your preferences, while at the same time keeping costs within your budget.

2. Determine your Budget

Before throwing your money at a florist, you should first have a budget in mind. How much are you willing to spend for your occasion? If you absolutely have no clue on how to determine this, one tip would be to call for quotes from several florists and then work out your budget from there once you know the market rates.

3. Experience

Experience is a key factor to consider when choosing a suitable and affordable florist. Most experienced florists have websites and social media accounts (that have been running for a long while with a substantial number of followers) which they use to market and advertise their flowers and products. This improves both organic and foot traffic; therefore, they are likely to offer discounts and promotions to attract potential customers. These florists will charge competitive prices to retain customers in the long term.

4. Reputation

The reputation of a florist is obviously the most important thing to consider. How do you distinguish a florist with a great reputation and a florist with a poor reputation? A florist with a great reputation will have positive reviews and testimonials. On the other hand, a florist with a poor reputation will have lower ratings. Besides the florist’s official website, there are also social media platforms, blogs and review sites where past customers would share about their experiences with the florist. These reviews will give you a head start in shortlisting the right florist and at the same time, you’ll also get a clearer picture on what to expect from them.

5. Assess the Project Delivery System

One of the most crucial things to do before you choose a florist will be to assess their project delivery system. You should carefully review the timeline, manpower provisions and charges. Though ‘free gift’ or ‘free delivery’ always sound like a bonus, it may not necessarily mean speedy action or impeccable service from the florist. Choose a florist that has a fast and reliable system so as to ensure a timely delivery to avoid any last minute hassle or worst of all, extra charges. You don’t need the extra stress while onsite for your occasion.

6. Ask More Questions

Beyond the budget, there are also various matters you should clarify and find out when looking for an affordable florist. For instance, you should find out how many projects or events the florist will be working on during the same time as your event. You should have clear information on who will be present during your event setup and if they will clean up the venue at the end of the event. An affordable florist will make sure there are no hidden charges with these extra requirements.

Factors for Choosing an Affordable Florist


In the current COVID-19 climate, more and more Singapore businesses and brands are going digital. Therefore you can really expect to see the online presence of many florists in Singapore. With this increasing number, choosing an affordable florist in Singapore can be quite challenging because we are simply spoilt for choices. Well, fret not! By the time you finish reading this article, you’re probably already halfway there. 😉 

Take care and stay safe, folks!

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