Food Factory Outlet Shopping at Woodlands Terrace (Part 3 of 3): CS Tay

The last stop of our food factory outlet shopping tour ended at CS Tay which is a manufacturer and distributor of frozen foods in Singapore. I’m sure some of you might be familiar with Japanese Crispy Chicken (karaage) that comes in original and seaweed flavours. In fact, you can easily find them in supermarkets here as well as most of the mid-range Japanese restaurants and yong tau foo stalls in food centres or coffee shops. And this is also why I’m here for. To grab my favourite seaweed chicken.

Do read my Part 1 and Part 2 of this food factory outlet shopping experience.


The retail area is on the right hand side as you enter the factory


Opening times for the factory sale


And here’s what I got: Tempura Fish Fillet $6.00 and Japanese Crispy Chicken with Seaweed $10.80/kg

It costs $13.95 from NTUC Fairprice for a 850g pack of the same brand seaweed chicken but it only costs $10.80 for a 1kg pack here so that is about 34% in savings.

I’m not an advocate of healthy eating though I try to cook healthy most of the times so I still eat processed food but in moderation and this is just one of the few occasions that I’d buy such stuffs to stock up in the freezer.

I like the seaweed chicken a lot because not only you can pop them into the oven and make great crispy chicken snacks, you can use them for fried noodles, fried rice or soupy dishes too which I shall be sharing my recipes later on. They are just so versatile, easy to cook and delicious! Premium muscle meat is used so every nugget is moist, juicy and tender whichever way you cook it.

Other popular frozen products include:

Japanese Crispy Chicken – Original Flavour
Japanese Crispy Lemon Chicken
Japanese Crispy Chicken – Super Crispy
Japanese Crispy Chicken with Beancurd Skin
Carlito Crispy Mid Joint Wing
Japanese Crispy Fish Fillet
Japanese Golden Chicken Nuggets
Teriyaki Chicken Steak
Pop Corn Chicken
Massimo Chicken Breast
Ikeda Chicken Cutlet
Teriyaki Saba Fillet
Kuroya Chicken Wing
Chicken Yakitori
Chargrilled Chicken Steak
and Tatsumoto brand of sausages

It’s the first time I’m trying the tempura fish fillets and I merely popped them into the oven, rather than deep frying them. The crust turned out crispy though greasy. The batter was thick but overall, they still tasted pretty good. I served them with home-made fries and tartar sauce just like some decent fish and chips.

You may wish to know CS Tay is also the company behind the BBQ Express kiosks that serve up quality ribs and chicken at a few shopping malls around Singapore like Lot One, Hougang Mall, AMK Hub, Bukit Panjang Plaza and Sembawang Shopping Centre.

This rounds up our very first factory outlet shopping tour.

CS Tay
64 Woodlands Terrace
Tel: 6758 7533
Opens: 9.00am to 5.00pm (Mon-Fri), 9.00am to 12.00pm (Sat)


I will be visiting these factories before Chinese New Year on my next trip:

KSP Marketing (pork, chicken, goose, duck, beef)
10 Woodlands Terrace

Zac Meat and Poultry (beef, mutton, lamb, chicken, sausages, cold cuts)
16 Woodlands Terrace

Li Chuan Food Products (ingredients for steamboat)
40 Woodlands Terrace

Wang Foong (sausages, bacon, ham)
48 Woodlands Terrace

Fragrance Foodstuff (bak kwa, CNY goodies)
60 Woodlands Terrace


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