Ban Heang | What To Buy In Penang

Besides the pastries from Ghee Hiang which would make great food souvenirs from Penang, you can also check out the array of Malaysian food products and snacks from Ban Heang.

Ban Heang sells tau sar piah, beh teh saw and the like too but for such pastries, I think Ghee Hiang does them better since they specialise in them. Plus, Ghee Hiang bakes them fresh every day too.

However, what I do like about Ban Heang is their wide assortment of other local products such as the following –

Classic & traditional delights

  • Coconut biscuits (椰子饼)
  • Kai chai peng (鸡仔饼)
  • Shat kek ma (萨骑马)
  • Kacang tumbuk (贡糖)
  • Dodol durian (榴莲粿加蕉)
  • Dodol coconut (椰子粿加蕉)
  • Black sesame peanut candy (黑芝麻花生糖)


  • Cheese crisp (芝士香脆薄饼)
  • Salted fish crisp with seaweed topping (咸鱼香脆薄饼)


  • Handmade mochi with yam filling 手搓麻糬 (芋头牛奶)
  • Green tea mochi 和风麻糬 (绿茶口味)
  • Durian mochi 和风麻糬 (榴莲口味)

Fruit snacks

  • Dried guava (番石榴干)
  • Dried mango (芒果干)
  • Freeze dried jackfruit (菠囖蜜干)
  • Freeze dried durian chocolate (巧克力榴莲干)

Pre-mix sauces & pastes

  • Asam laksa premix (槟城亚参叻沙)
  • Herbal tea egg (茶叶蛋)
  • Curry mee premix (槟城咖喱面)
  • Chic kut teh (鸡骨茶)
  • Rojak paste (啰惹酱)

These are not all. For their full list of products and price list, check out the product catalogue on their website.

Prices range from RM6.90 for a box of kacang tumbuk to RM31.90 for a coffee 3-in-1 gift set.

Ban Heang | What To Buy In Penang

This Ban Heang retail shop is located on Jalan Macalister, which is just a 2-3 minute walk from Ghee Hiang that’s also located on the same road.

Ban Heang | What To Buy In Penang

I actually chanced upon Ban Heang after shopping at Ghee Hiang, which was perfect as my folks did request me to buy some of their favourite Malaysian snacks. And I was able to get everything from here so I didn’t have to search elsewhere.

Ban Heang’s products are nicely packaged in boxes hence they make very suitable food gifts.

Some standard snacks to get for my folks whenever I go to Malaysia.

If you want some variety for food souvenirs to cater to different taste buds, Ban Heang is another good place to check out. ??

Ban Heang
200, Jalan Macalister
10400 Georgetown, Penang
9.00am to 9.00pm Fri, Sat & Mon
9.00am to 9.00pm Tue, Wed, Thu & Sun

+60 4-229 5018





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