Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

After reading some rave reviews about this steamboat place at TripleOne Somerset, I decided to go try it with a colleague to find out if it really lives up to its name and qualifies as the BEST steamboat place in Singapore. As we entered the restaurant, we were immediately ushered to a table. The impeccable service of the staff was remarkable. As a tray of various condiments was brought before our eyes, images of magic concoctions started forming in our heads – wondering if we would be able to stir up the right mixture that would enhance the flavour of the ingredients to come.
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
Tray of condiments & sauces
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
Sour plum drink and cutlery set up
The service staff highly recommended the Sour Plum drink which was supposed to be ‘home-made’. As we heard the word “Sour Plum”, we were expecting a refreshing drink like what we had enjoyed at G7 Sinma. However, as we tasted the first sip, we felt it tasted more like hawthorn fruit (shan zha) than sour plum. Definitely an acquired taste but I thought it did help to ease that sickly feeling of overeating during the meal so it wasn’t that bad at all. The thoughtful provision of an additional pair of chopsticks did impress me as it shows the restaurant does maintain high standards of hygiene so customers don’t use the same chopsticks for cooked and raw food.
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
Special sauce
We requested for one of the service staff to concoct their speciality sauce for us. It looked as though it had a teaspoonful of everything on the tray but I bet the amount of each item did matter to achieve a balanced flavour. The sauce was a tiny bit spicy but it went so well with the food we ate.
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
Imperial Drunken Chicken Soup
We ordered the signature Imperial Drunken Chicken Soup that came with half a chicken. As they brought out the pot of soup, we could immediately smell the fragrance of the wine. The service staff helped to put in the chicken pieces. The soup simply looked and smelled divine and we just couldn’t wait to start.
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
Assorted mushrooms, yam, sweet corn and beancurd skin
Excellent quality mushrooms! They tasted so good as they absorbed the soup stock. The yam were marvellously tasty! So tender that some even dissolved into the soup! I am just a typical Teochew who loves her yam! Another must order – the beancurd skin! And of course, what is steamboat without sweet sweetcorn!
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
Crispy fish skin, assorted balls, fresh prawns
We just dipped the fish skin into the soup for a few seconds to maintain the crispness of the skin. Full marks. The balls were all so springy too – I bet they would bounce if you throw them against the wall! The prawns were very fresh as well.
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
Kurobuta pork belly, lamb shoulder, short rib beef
The pork belly must be one of the best meats I had ever had for steamboat. The layers of fat and meat gave it a crunchy texture and you’d never get sick and tired of eating it. The lamb shoulder was normal. I thought the lamb stench was a little too strong. The short rib beef ($28) was expensive though for that few pieces of meat.
After the meal, we could only give our THUMBS UP! The soup base was excellent, the ingredients were fresh, the bill was approximately $160 but we were VERY happy and satisfied. Definitely worth paying for and we would definitely be back again. VERY SOON.
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
111 Somerset Road
#02-21 TripleOne Somerset
Tel: 6732 8231
Opens: 11.30am to 3.00pm, 6.00pm to 11.00pm daily


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