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Sometimes the simplest things in life would give the most pleasure. Something as simple and insignificant as a bowl of hot piping beef pho noodles is good enough to comfort the tummy and warm the soul. Whenever I see a Vietnamese eatery, I get really excited like a little kid in a candy store. Needless to say, when I came across Pho Street, I felt compelled to order a bowl of wholesomeness. My ultimate fix of comfort food.

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Very similar concept to NamNam Noodle Bar except Pho Street doesn’t serve up banh mi (Viet sandwiches). The menu is just a two-page laminated sheet with a decent variety of noodle dishes, rice dishes and snacks/sides.

Below are pictures of the entire menu for reference –

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Pho Beef Combination (Pho Street)

Pho Beef Combination $9.90

I ordered the Pho Beef Combination that came with beef balls, beef shank and beef tenderloin. The slightly cloudy broth was a delightful concoction with all the natural flavours and sweetness of the ingredients that were cooked in it. The pho noodles were also nicely cooked with a spring in them. I thought the beef were a little overcooked hence they tasted quite tough and chewy. Also, the beef balls weren’t as springy as I hoped they would be. I definitely preferred Pho Street’s broth to NamNam’s but the latter’s ingredients were much more appealing. (Read my NamNam’s review here)

Vermicelli with Roasted Chicken & Spring Roll (Pho Street)

Vermicelli with Roasted Meat & Spring Roll $7.90

The husband ordered the Vermicelli with Roasted Meat & Spring Roll that came with a bowl of plain soup. At first, I thought this would be rice vermicelli (beehoon) but it turned out to be glass noodles which was really light and refreshing. It was like eating a noodle salad with all the crunch from the julienned carrots and cucumber, bean sprouts and shredded lettuce. The ground peanuts and fried shallots added a nice aroma to the dish too. The roasted meat that resembled char siew was tender but nothing spectacular. Portion size as a main was somewhat inadequate.

2014-03-22 18.06.44

This was the deep fried spring roll that was precut into 3 bite-sized portions. While the taste of the filling was close to my mother-in-law’s (darn good!) spring rolls, I felt the oil that this spring roll was fried in wasn’t even hot enough in the first place hence the skin wasn’t completely cooked (tasted a little raw and doughy to me) and it was soggy and extremely oily.

Condiments and sauces were in one central location at the counter. Just the standard seasonings of fish sauce, light soy sauce, chilli sauce and freshly cut red chillies. I added fresh chillies and soy sauce to my pho to give the broth a spicy kick.

Pho Street is very much a quick service restaurant so don’t expect any impeccable service. It’s just an order, pay, eat and go type of eatery but still charges a minimal 1% service charge and the usual 7% GST. Will we be back? Yes, only if we are in the vicinity. I wouldn’t mind trying the other noodles on the menu sometime.

Pho Street
#B2-K6/K7 Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Tel: 6465 9925
Facebook page
Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.00pm daily

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