Prosperity Beef Burger from McDonald’s

Every time the Prosperity Burger is back, it just means Chinese New Year is round the corner again. And indeed, this year’s CNY comes early in end January. I couldn’t remember if I did try the Prosperity Burger before even though it had existed for quite a number of years but since it looked similar to a Samurai Burger which my husband and I had enjoyed very much, we just thought of giving this a try over the weekend for a comparison.

Watch the commercial here to see what new items McDonald’s is serving up this CNY:

Prosperity Burger

In an auspicious red box

Prosperity Burger

The burger is elongated in shape

Prosperity Burger

It looked messy when we unwrapped it as it was drenched in black pepper sauce

After one bite, I knew we were wrong. Though the cross section really did look like that of the Samurai Burger that was generously drenched in black pepper sauce, the taste was no where comparable with the latter. The beef patties tasted fake, unlike Samurai’s which tasted of solid ground meat. This reminded me of the sausage in their McMuffin, really tasted similar with the same chewiness to it.

The pepper sauce wasn’t peppery enough and in fact, it was too starchy for our liking.

Overall, it was an ultimate disappointment. Thank goodness we only bought one set to share. I really couldn’t bring myself to finish the whole burger!

Prosperity Burger 2

These Twister Fries saved the day! With a nice exterior crisp & crunch with special seasoning, I could eat a few more packs! Yum.

My verdict? Sorry McDonald’s, this burger is just not for me. I’m sure you can do better than this!

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