Salt Baked Chicken Recipe 盐焗鸡

Been a while since I last had salt baked chicken at Lam’s which has outlets all over Singapore such as Marina Square, Race Course Road, Causeway Point, Parkway Parade, Toa Payoh, Waterway Point, ION Orchard and West Mall.
Salt Baked Chicken

An unassuming dish at first glance but the key lies in that robust-tasting broth that’s really packed with a punch. Moist and succulent chicken leg with a lovely, flavoursome broth. This is absolutely yum.

So glad I can also easily make salt baked chicken at home now whenever I have the craving.

Salt Baked Chicken Recipe

I have shared recipes previously using Heng’s brand of XO sauce and have also recommended their crispy chilli that makes a great condiment to almost any dish. It’s a Malaysian food brand by the way. In Singapore, we can only find a very limited selection of their products in major supermarkets. When I came across a local distributor selling Heng’s range of products on Qoo10, I went ahead to grab a whole lot of different items to try out including this Salt Baked Chicken Herbs & Spices. It doesn’t contain MSG which is exactly what I like.

Heng’s Salt Baked Chicken Herbs & Spices doesn’t come with plastic sheet (can use parchment paper too) and aluminium foil like Seah Spices or A1 brand of Emperor Chicken. You’ll need to prepare the materials separately in order to wrap the chicken and collect the steaming liquid/broth. Alternatively, you can also use a deep dish to hold the chicken if your steamer pot or wok is wide enough. However I still think that the chicken is kept more moist and juicy if you wrap it up. The collected steaming liquid can then be used to flavour the spaghetti or rice just like how Lam’s Salt Baked Chicken does it.

Salt Baked Chicken Recipe

And this was how I served my salt baked chicken with spaghetti. Looked just like Lam’s except with the addition of cucumber slices. I really like this brand of herbs and spices as it wasn’t overly salty. The flavour of the other spices stood out nicely too. The chicken was packed full of flavour and the steaming liquid was just deliciously comforting.

If you want the chicken skin to have a nice golden brown glow, you can remove the chicken from the steamer half an hour earlier, pop it into the highest shelf of the oven and grill at 220 deg C for about 15-20 minutes. If you’re using plastic sheet to wrap the chicken (instead of parchment paper), please remove it before putting the chicken into the oven. I omitted this grilling/roasting part as it wasn’t necessary. The chicken tasted as good with or without a golden brown skin.

Salt Baked Chicken Recipe
  • 1 whole chicken approx. 1kg in size
  • 1 packet Heng’s Salt Baked Chicken Herbs & Spices 25g
  • 400g spaghetti, cooked according to packet instructions
  • sliced cucumbers & cherry tomatoes as sides
Empty the sachet of spices over the chicken and rub it all over including the inside of the cavity.
Wrap the chicken with 1 sheet parchment paper followed by 2 layers of aluminium foil and leave the top open.
Place the partially wrapped chicken in a steamer pot and steam on high heat for 2 hours. Remember to check every now and then to make sure the water inside the pot doesn’t dry out.
Divide the cooked spaghetti into 4 serving plates.
Cut the chicken into 4 parts and place on top of the spaghetti. Spoon the steaming liquid over the chicken and serve with your preferred sides.


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