Shandong Bing Jia 山东饼家 @ People’s Park Complex, Chinatown

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When you come up the escalator from Exit C of Chinatown MRT Station, turn left towards People’s Park Complex and you’d see this new Chinese eatery just outside the entrance of the complex, that serves up sizable pan-fried meat buns, pancakes and rolls at cheap prices.

How can I just leave without trying my favourite spring onion pancake 葱油饼?

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Spring Onion Pancake $1.50

Plus it’s only $1.50 for such a big sized pancake! Lovely pan-fried to perfection. This is the typical Chinese style spring onion pancake that I like. The dough is chewy and slightly salty and well complemented by the fragrant fried shallots and fresh chopped spring onions. It may be pan-fried in lots of oil but I don’t find it overly greasy. Thumbs up for this. It makes a delectable snack.

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Biscuit with Meat & Vegetables $2.00

We also ordered this pan-fried meat bun with a lovely golden brown crust. When I was handed the bun that was wrapped in normal plastic bag, I was amazed by how ‘heavy’ the bun was. It was really big in size (much wider than my palm) and thick too (at least 1 1/2″). This monster is a meal on its own but it only costs $2.00!

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When the husband took a big bite of the bun, juices started cascading out of the cavity and spilled on the ground. Wow, how juicy can this bun be?! This just reminded me of the steamed meat dumpling aka xiao long bao.

Just look at how thick the filling is as compared to the skin. All solid meat inside with chives and cabbage that’s well marinated so every bite is just big on flavour.

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We managed to salvage some meat juices (looked more like soup!) in the plastic bag. Now you get the idea of what I mean by a really juicy meat bun! You just got to try one to find out! Bon appetit!

Shandong Bing Jia 山东饼家
People’s Park Complex, Level 1 (next to Exit C of Chinatown MRT Station)
1 Park Road


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