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Came across these pre-packed kueh kueh selling at $2.60 per pack at Sheng Siong Supermarket a few months back. It was love in one bite, lol. And we’ve been getting the kueh like 2-3 times per week ever since. I know, so much sugar, but hey, no regrets man! They just go so well with coffee! Can’t resist 🙂

Did a little research and found out that the kueh was made by Awesome Kitchen (also known as The Kueh Makers .com) which was founded in 2018. They started out as a humble kueh shop in Macpherson Mall and now, they have grown to become a kueh manufacturer that does wholesale and B2B distribution. Sadly, they don’t have any physical retail outlet. On their website, it says their online shop is coming soon. Fingers crossed. At the moment, we can only get their kueh from their F&B partners.

Where to buy?

I contacted The Kueh Makers via WhatsApp to find out where their kuehs are being sold currently. So far no reply yet so I shall update again when I hear back from them.

From what I’ve gathered from their FB page, these are the places where we can possibly find their kueh:

  • selected Koufu drink counters
  • selected Bakery Cuisine outlets
  • selected Sheng Siong Supermarket outlets
  • For bulk orders (party packs), you can WhatsApp them at 89393138 or send an email to sales@thekuehmakers.com to place your order

For their full range of kueh and pastries, check out the product page on their website.

By the way, their kueh is halal-certified 🙂

The Sheng Siong Supermarket (231 Sumang Lane) from where I bought these kuehs came in 4 variety packs. Each pack consists of 3 different pieces of kueh.

The Kueh Makers .com / Awesome Kitchen - Delicious Treats!

Left box from top to bottom:

Lapis Pulut

The top layer has the same texture as the regular lapis. Rice is fragrant and not too sweet.

Pandan Lapis

Love how easy the layers can be peeled off so I can eat layer by layer like how I did when I was little. With light pandan fragrance.

Rainbow Lapis

Slightly firmer than the pandan one but just as good.

Right box from top to bottom:

Sarlat Original

The top layer is so soft and custardy.

Pulut Inti

The coconut topping has a nice crunch.

Sarlat Pulut Hitam

My favourite of all. I always keep this till last to enjoy, lol. The black glutinous rice lends a crunch-style chewiness which I really like.

The Kueh Makers .com / Awesome Kitchen - Delicious Treats!

Left box from top to bottom:

Angku Salted Mung Bean

Salty sweet. Not the best I’ve had but still not bad.

Angku Coconut

Skin is chewy and springy.

Angku Original

With sweet mung bean filling. Not bad. Would still prefer a peanut one though, lol.

Right box from top to bottom:

Sago Gula Melaka

Soft and chewy. There’s crunch from dessicated coconut. And a hint of gula melaka in the middle.


Not the best tapioca kueh I’ve had. There are some hard bites.

Sago Ros/Bandung

This is nice if you like rose syrup. Flavour really stands out!

Final thoughts

If you’re a fan of traditional kueh kueh, you should really give The Kueh Makers a try! Even though these kueh are kind of ‘mass produced’, the quality is not compromised. They taste as good as those kueh from household names. Plus, they are affordable. Definitely value for money!

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