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  1. Fish Maw Soup Recipe 鱼鳔蟹肉羹

    April 21, 2017 by Spring Tomorrow

    Today’s weather seems rather erratic. Woke up to a morning of haze and then it began raining cats & dogs …
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  2. Chicken Meatball and Cucumber Soup Recipe

    March 2, 2017 by Spring Tomorrow

    A simple, comforting soup dish which you can easily make if you always have homemade chicken broth ready in the …
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  3. Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Recipe

    January 2, 2017 by Spring Tomorrow

    I first heard of gumbo when I watched Guy Fieri’s food adventures on Triple D. It’s actually a stew or …
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  4. Chicken Radish Soup Recipe 白萝卜鸡汤

    September 5, 2016 by Spring Tomorrow

    Time for some detoxification to ease those guilt from weekend overeating. And one of the best things to have would …
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  5. Korean Army Stew | Budae Jjigae Recipe

    August 1, 2016 by Spring Tomorrow

    Army stew is quite commonly found on the menus of most Korean restaurants in Singapore and is typically priced in …
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  6. Lung Nourishing White Fungus Soup 雪耳润肺汤

    March 10, 2016 by Spring Tomorrow

    I got the idea to make this soup after seeing a soup pack being sold in the supermarket for the …
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  7. Chicken Soup with Chinese Yam and Clams

    January 7, 2016 by Spring Tomorrow

    I was flipping through a Chinese soup cookbook at a bookshop some time ago just to get some inspiration for …
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  8. Chicken, Sausage and Bean Stew Recipe

    September 28, 2015 by Spring Tomorrow

    I hope those of you residing in Singapore are keeping well and healthy. My sinuses are acting up like crazy, …
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  9. Chicken Udon Noodle Soup Recipe

    August 17, 2015 by Spring Tomorrow

    If I’m not specifically making chicken stock to store in the freezer, I like to cook a bigger pot of …
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  10. Seafood Tom Yum Soup Recipe

    July 4, 2015 by Spring Tomorrow

    When the husband was holidaying in Thailand some years back, he joined a Thai cooking class and learned how to …
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  11. Hearty Chicken Macaroni Soup Recipe

    June 12, 2015 by Spring Tomorrow

    “Overnight food is bad for health.” The folks used to say this all the time. Perhaps it’s true to some …
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  12. Chickpea and Sausage Stew Recipe

    May 7, 2015 by Spring Tomorrow

    I really love cooking one-pot stews because not only they are easy to make and can be prepared in advance …
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  13. Salted Vegetable Duck Soup Recipe 咸菜鸭汤

    March 19, 2015 by Spring Tomorrow

    I first fell in love with kiam chye ark (salted vegetable duck soup) when I had this really amazing one …
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  14. Coconut Chicken Soup Recipe

    January 9, 2015 by Spring Tomorrow

    I’ve seen desserts made from coconut juice but it has never crossed my mind that the juice can also be …
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  15. Chicken Wanton Soup with Enoki Mushrooms Recipe

    January 5, 2015 by Spring Tomorrow

    Happy new year, peeps! Finally I have my first post of the year up! 🙂 And I just want to …
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