Fatty Cheong Roast Meats 肥仔祥烧腊云吞面 @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre

If you ask me where we can find the best char siew in Singapore, I think it definitely has got to be Fatty Cheong which is famous for its Bu Jian Tian (不见天 – means ‘never see the sky’) char siew that is a cut from the pig’s armpit area. Besides that, it also serves up tasty roast pork, roast duck, noodle dishes and dumpling soup.

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This stall is one of the few hawker stalls in Singapore that I think is worth me queuing a long time for.

Just before the stall opened at about 11.00am on the Saturday I was there, there were already customers ‘prowling’ around, waiting to jump into action as they literally fixed their eyes on the stall. The moment the light bulb came on to indicate they were open for business, a long queue of over 20 people had already formed out of nowhere. Yes, it was that exaggerating, lol.

I usually get their standard shoulder cut char siew that is also sliced thickly with a meatier bite. It is a leaner cut with lesser fats compared to the armpit. A less sinful choice which I prefer. And what makes their char siew outstanding is the marinate that isn’t too sweet and it doesn’t overwhelm the natural flavour of the meat.

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This plate of roast pork & char siew rice ($4.50) might not look the most appealing of all but it really didn’t matter because this was a plate of darn good roast meat rice! The char siew was succulent, juicy and tender with tiny bits of fats in between. The roast pork had a crispy crackling (yum!) and the meat was quite lean without too much fats either. The sauce that was generously ladled over the perfectly cooked rice was savoury but not overly salty. Even the dollop of mildly spicy chilli sauce at the side (they don’t give separate dish for the chilli) was tasty. Every component of the meal just complemented one another.

If you like roast meats, you shouldn’t miss Fatty Cheong’s! 🙂

Fatty Cheong 肥仔祥烧腊云吞面
#01-120, ABC Brickworks Food Centre
6 Jalan Bukit Merah
Tel: 9882 4849
Opening hours:
11.00am to 8.30pm (Fri-Wed)
Closed on Thurs

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