Rochor Beancurd House 梧槽豆花水 @ Upper Thomson Road

A friend once said she preferred Lao Ban’s cold soya beancurd to traditional one like Rochor’s but she wasn’t aware that the former is made from soy bean powders (see my recipe here) whereas the latter is made from real beans.

If you remember the Rochor beancurd saga many years back where a group of siblings got into a dispute and then split up to start up their own brands of beancurd. Well, Rochor Beancurd House is one of them. Rochor Beancurd House, Rochor Original Beancurd and Beancurd City are not affiliated in business but related by blood and each brand has its own fan base.

Rochor Beancurd House @ Upper Thomson Road is one of the many supper places I frequent when I crave for soya beancurd with dough fritters. It’s not that they have the best tau huay in Singapore but it serves up decent beancurd to satisfy my palates and it’s nearer my home too.


It is not uncommon to see a long queue on a weekend late night but service is swift so waiting time is minimal.

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And here’s what we have ordered. Cold soya milk, soya beancurd, egg tarts and fried dough fritters.

I always order my soya bean items with less sugar syrup so I can taste the rich flavour of soy beans in both the drink and curd. Of course, if you’re not used to the strong bean taste, then you’d probably need more syrup to mask it to make it more appetising.

The beancurd is smooth, not quite silky but not gritty either. It has the right amount of soy bean flavour in it without being diluted. I actually like the drink better because the flavour is richer and more intense.

The dough fritters are super greasy but taste sinfully crispy with a slight chewy interior. Goes well with the beancurd too. Do note the quality of these fritters varies as one time when I had these, they were left out too long and were quite hard.

The egg tarts are below average. The custard is decent but the crust lacks the flakiness and puffiness.

My verdict? Just order soya beancurd in soya milk. Won’t go wrong. Plus if it’s late at night, it’s probably healthier to just opt for beancurd without the greasy fried stuffs. Beancurd & soya milk rating? 7/10

Rochor Beancurd House
232 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6493 6905
Opens: 12.00pm to 3.00am daily

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