Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

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If you’ve been to Adam Road Food Centre, you’d probably have noticed the endlessly long queue for their nasi lemak. Selera Rasa has won numerous accolades and awards for being the best nasi lemak stall in Singapore and till today, I still think their nasi lemak has consistently maintained its high standard. Its second outlet at Ang Mo Kio is near where I live so enjoying a morning brunch of good old nasi lemak is always within reach.

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Chicken Wing Meal $3.50

Their nasi lemak sets are priced between $2.50-$5.50 depending on what ingredients you like. I ordered a Chicken Wing Meal whereas the husband got a regular one so we could share the chicken wing.

At first glance, you’d probably not be impressed by the presentation of the entire dish but one mouthful of the fragrant rice, I was truly sold. The basmati rice exuded a wonderful aroma of rich coconut milk. It was perfectly cooked, neither clumpy nor soggy and every rice grain was well separated from one another. This, I must say, was the best rice of nasi lemak I’d ever eaten. Thumbs up!

The other components of the dish were memorable too. Though the chicken wing had a thicker crust than others, it was fried to a perfect crisp and served fresh & hot. I could just hear the crunch with every bite. And the inside was just moist and succulent. The fried anchovies (ikan bilis) were very crispy too and not oily at all. I just wish they could give more!

The best part had got to be the sambal chilli that had the right amount of spice and sweetness in it that really complemented the rice. What is nasi lemak without the chilli? Two thumbs up for this!

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Regular Meal $2.50

This was the regular meal. Just need to top up another dollar for a chicken wing.

My overall verdict? This is a must-try nasi lemak! Everything tasted fresh including the fried chicken wing and ikan bilis that didn’t have this ‘re-used frying oil taste’. Next time, I’m going for the Royal Rumble to enjoy a bit of everything.

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak
Blk 603, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
Opens: 7.30am to 1.00pm (Tue-Sun), Closed on Monday

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