Stuff’d @ Waterway Point

I was feeling very free after my medical appointment so I decided to journey north-east to check out the new Waterway Point. I totally loved the mall because it was situated in a rather scenic spot of a relatively new residential estate. You would know what I mean as you read on. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t remember visiting this part of Singapore before but with the mall, I could see myself coming back to jalan-jalan, shop and eat (there’s quite a good selection of eateries!).

Stuff'd @ Waterway Point

After a good as always kopi-muffin break at CBTL, I was still feeling peckish so off I went to search for something new to eat. I came across Stuff’d which I remembered seeing at City Square Mall before but never had the chance to try. Perfect.

Stuff'd @ Waterway Point

Stuff’d is a halal-certified food kiosk that serves up Mexican and Turkish eats like quesadillas, burritos and kebabs that we can customise from a wide range of ingredients.

The ordering process is as follows:

Step 1: Choose from either Quesadilla, Burrito, Daily Bowl or Kebab

Step 2: Choose your base (iceberg lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, etc)

Step 3: Choose any 2 sauces (habanero, mayo cucumber, smoky BBQ, etc)

Step 4: Choose 1 main (chicken, beef, veggie, etc)

Step 5: Choose up to 5 toppings (butter corn, mashed potatoes, couscous, etc)

Step 6: Make it a meal deal with drink and side (optional)

Stuff'd @ Waterway Point

The familiar rotating spit roast for Turkish kebabs

Stuff'd @ Waterway Point

I went for the Daily Bowl with chicken as my main (S$7.30) and lettuce as my base plus toppings of butter corn, mashed potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, lentils and edamame. By right there should only be 5 toppings but I got 6 instead because the service staff and I lost count, lol. Sauce wise, I went for roasted sesame and mayo cucumber.

Stuff'd @ Waterway Point

This was a pretty hefty box stuffed with so much ingredients. Now I know why the name is so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stuff'd @ Waterway Point

The chicken was flavoursome but it was a tad too dry and chewy. All the toppings were tasty – I particularly liked the tender sweet potatoes, creamy mashed potato (very well seasoned!), sweet corn kernels and nutty lentils.

Because everything was so densely packed, it was quite difficult to mix all up and I could only do so partially. Next time, I would probably request for the sauces to be doused over the toppings at the end just to give them more flavour rather than having them at the bottom with the lettuce.

I felt stuffed after finishing this whole thing on my own but it was very satisfying because it was a really hearty and healthy meal. Totally worth it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

#B2-K1, Waterway Point
83 Punggol Central
Singapore 828761
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/stuffedsg/
Opening hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily

Besides this outlet, Stuff’d is also located at Bedok Mall (B2-22), Bugis Junction (B1-K07),ย Causeway Point (B1- K17),ย City Square Mall (B1- K1),ย Paya Lebar Square (#01- 61) andย Tampines Mall (B1-K13).

Waterway Point

I sat on one of these benches here in front of the mall and along the Punggol Waterway to have my meal. That’s the Watertown Punggol Condominium (still under construction) in the background that’s just located above the mall. Not bad location for a condo, actually.

Punggol Waterway

And this was why I said the mall was in a scenic spot. If this mall was built earlier like a few years ago, the husband and I would definitely consider getting a BTO flat in this area, lol.

Punggol Waterway

New, clean, breezy, serene, tranquil – how nice. Looking forward to coming back here. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • smurf says:

    Very nice place, Geri. ?

  • veryvie says:

    Oh, that box looks so nicely filled to the brim with such fresh and delicious looking ingredients! I love that they offer so many amazing options like sweet potatoes and even edamame. It’s much more satisfying and substantial than a salad bowl, but pretty affordable too. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I’d love to try it someday. I know they have an outlet at City Square Mall as well, and I’ve heard some raves about their burrito rolls, which are apparently quite good as well.

  • Doreen Lim says:

    Dear Manager-in-charge

    I wish to offer my compliments to Miss Cecilia Kang from Stuff’d at Waterway Point on her service rendered on a weekend evening.
    It was long que and was my 1st time there, till my turn I was very annoyed tt was told that I need to wait for 45 mins for the kebab chicken to be cook. In order not to make my kids with disappointment so I waited. I did informed Miss Cecilia that I will be back to buy the kebab. About 45 mins later, with great surprise, I was just out from Finest oppersite Stuff’d, Miss Cecilia still recognised me waved at me signalling that the kebab chicken was ready.
    Her warm friendly smile with sincerity to offer such professionalism with a level of service stardards, really make me feel important as a customer. She is knowledgeable on the products, going by the extra miles and most importantly understood my requirements.
    Very efficient staff…..keep it up!
    Excellance services provided.
    I will definitely go back to this outlet and will share my experience and recommend it my friends.

    Thank you Miss Cecilia.

    Best regards
    Doreen Lim

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