Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House @ Tiong Bahru Market

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Wide variety of hot and cold desserts

In this hot and sunny weather, enjoying a bowl of shaved-ice dessert is just so gratifying. This dessert house at Tiong Bahru Market is one of my favourites because it serves up a huge variety of hot and cold desserts in both traditional and innovative flavours so there’s always something for everyone. And the reason why I’d keep coming back to this stall is because the lady who takes orders is probably one of the most amiable hawkers I’ve ever met who is appreciative of every customer, every business regardless of how small or big each order is. It just makes patronising the stall a joyful experience each time.

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Green Soursop Fruit Cocktail

The soupsop itself is soury hence it’s soaked in a sugar syrup to make it more palatable. However the syrup is really sweet. So sweet that I felt sick of eating it after a while so I dug into the other half of the bowl that didn’t touch the syrup while the husband had all the soupsop since he loves sweet stuffs. I like the different textures of the various ingredients especially the chewy nata de coco and the liquid-squirting ‘fish roe’ jelly. Very interesting combination.

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Peanut Ice Kachang

This is our all-time favourite. A standard ice kachang drizzled with a good quality chocolate sauce and topped with coarsely ground peanuts. What I love best about this is that the food colouring syrups do not taste artificial at all and in fact, blends well with the chocolatey and nutty flavours too. Of course, at the bottom, you’d get the usual ingredients of attap chee, red beans, etc. This is a really delightful ice kachang that is well concocted on the whole. Not too sweet, absolutely yummy.

Tian Tian Yuan Dessert House
#02-15, Tiong Bahru Market
30 Seng Poh Road
Operating hours:
11.00am to 11.00pm (Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun)
Closed on Wed

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