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Low Carb Cabbage Lasagna Recipe

A BIG HELLO and a BIG HUG to all! I’m so excited to be back with my ‘first’ blog post because that just means I’ve pulled through a very successful operation that has given me a new lease of life. And seriously, no words can describe that feeling. I will be sharing more about my […]

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Bento Box Idea #2: Nando’s PERi-PERi Chicken Bento

I recently started making bentos out of fun and curiosity to see where it might lead me to on my cooking journey and now bento-making is becoming like a hobby. Making bentos for lunch does have a number of advantages in my opinion. 1. Reduce food wastage from dinner the night before if you’re not […]

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ToTT Cooking Class with Chef Francois Mermilliod

Some of you may be familiar with Tools of the Trade (ToTT) which is the largest kitchenware and tableware retail store in Asia. Their flagship store at Dunearn Road is a one-stop culinary haven for anyone who cooks, bakes or hosts regardless if you’re a home cook, professional chef or a restaurant owner. If you […]

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Balsamic Honey Glazed Salmon Recipe

Oven baked salmon served with steamed vegetables is such a classic home-made dish because we know oil-rich salmon is good for us and such meals are just so easy and quick to prep. However it really can get boring over time so I like to play around with different sauces that I can glaze my […]

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Brown Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

I skipped gym for a few days last week while recovering from a cold and had so many leftover bananas cos’ I would normally have them with oats for breakfast on gym days. Kept them in the fridge and almost forgot all about them until I was at Phoon Huat earlier where I bought this […]

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Oven Baked Curry Chicken Recipe

Has anyone of you ever cooked a dish because it reminded you of your childhood or a very important person in your life? When I was in primary school, I was very fond of eating the fried chicken wings from the Malay stall at the school canteen because they had this hint of curry flavour […]

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Honey BBQ Chicken Recipe

Sundays are usually my no-cook days and sometimes we would just buy a ready-made rotisserie chicken from the supermarket. While such rotisserie chickens are generally inexpensive, tasty (might contain MSG too) with meat that just fall off the bones easily, I do find them rather greasy and at times, salty too. I had recently stocked […]

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Roasted Cannellini Beans, Carrots and Potatoes Recipe

Baked potato. Mashed potato. Corn on the cob. French fries. Onion rings. Salad greens. Coleslaw. Pasta salad. Steamed vegetables. Mashed cauliflower. Blah blah blah. I’m running out of ideas to create sides for my mains. So when the husband asked me if cannellini beans could be roasted in the oven, I thought it was just […]

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Banana Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Been to the doc today because of a big lump that appeared on the front left of my neck. Suspected thyroid disorder but got to wait for blood test result next week to determine the severity of the problem. Praying that it’s only a normal thyroid problem that can be controlled with medication and not […]

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Chicken Tofu Burger Recipe with Kimchi

One of my recent food inventions was this Chicken Tofu Burger topped with crunchy, sweet & sour cabbage kimchi. Had been making a lot of burgers recently cos’ the husband and I got hooked onto this Korean drama (Jang Bo-ri is Here!) on Channel U hence we would eat our dinner in front of the […]

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Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

Oven baked. Greaseless. Fat free. No salt. That’s how I prefer my sweet potato chips to be so the only flavouring factor depends on the sweet potato’s own natural sweetness. I picked Vietnamese yellow sweet potatoes but you can of course use the orange/purple variety or a mix of both. If going plain isn’t your […]

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Oven Baked Spicy Yogurt Chicken Recipe

Time to spice things up in the kitchen with this uber-shiok Spicy Yogurt Chicken Recipe! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I drew inspiration from a spicy pasta dish I made the night before and the husband was telling me to buy more of those dried hot chilli flakes that would make our tongues tingle. So while I was looking […]

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Salmon with Spiced Yogurt Sauce Recipe

I had raved about Greek yogurt earlier which I really thought of it as one of the best yogurt inventions ever and of course, my best buddy when it comes to cooking too, lol. With the addition of just a bit of ground cumin and curry powder, it is so easy to churn out a […]

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Nando’s PERi-PERi Chicken Recipe

I love Nando’s not because their flame-grilled chicken is out of this world but because their peri-peri sauces are just amazing. They are robust in flavour, spicy, tangy, piquantย andย sweet – everything that’s needed to make a piece of chicken tasty. When I was at Mustafa Centre the other day looking out for interesting buys, I […]

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Crispy Roast Pork Recipe ่„†็šฎ็ƒง่‚‰

Ever since I started making my own roast pork at home, I no longer buy or eat those from roast meat stalls. Sometimes, the outside ones might have a higher ratio of fat to meat, could be too salty or cold and soggy because it was left hanging out for too long. Like freshly baked […]

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Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Recipe (Part 1 of 2)

Besides making Scotch eggs as an entree, the husband made Alfredo Fettuccine and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken as the main which I thought were really special and meaningful because I was hooked onto this really delicious Alfredo Fettuccine that I had to have it every evening for dinner during my cruise and the Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken was […]

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