Brownie Bear

Rive Gauche Patisserie (Revisited)

This is the third time I am reviewing Rive Gauche because it’s really one of the few patisseries in Singapore that I go to frequently for my sugar fix. Read my previous review here.

This time round, the husband brought home these two delightful treats to cheer me up as I was feeling a little stressed up recently. And they did brighten me up!

Brownie Bear

Brownie Bear $6.50

Sooooooooo cute! That was what I exclaimed when the husband took this out from the box. Though the name was Brownie Bear, it really was just a chocolatey cupcake with chocolate frosting, bear cookie and a sugared bow. The size was quite small so when the husband said this cost $6.50, I was flabbergasted. How expensive for something that you can devour in two bites! The chocolate cake was really rich and chocolatey, moist and bouncy. And the frosting wasn’t overly sweet too. The cookie had a lovely, buttery flavour but wasn’t greasy on the outside. Apparently, the Brownie Bear wasn’t on their regular menu so it was a promotional item for a limited time only. Though overall it tasted good, it wasn’t exceptional and definitely didn’t worth its price tag.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc $6.50

Vanilla sponge layered with chestnut filling, whipped cream and topped with a Japanese chestnut. Absolutely delicious! This was one of the best Mont Blancs I ever had. The chestnut puree was smooth and creamy (like eating the Teochew Yam Paste aka Orh Nee) and the chestnut flavour was just so rich and intense with the right amount of sweetness. The sponge was of course soft and moist and the whipped cream wasn’t cloying either. You just have to combine every layer in every bite to enjoy that textural wholesomeness of the cake. Thumbs up! I highly recommend this!

Rive Gauche Patisserie


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