Rive Gauche Patisserie @ Takashimaya

The moment I set my eyes on the Napoleon a few years ago, Rive Gauche (pronounced as ‘Reeve Go-sshh’ in French) has become my go-to patisserie for this French classic mille-feuille pastry. It has never failed me to date whenever I need that occasional sweet treat to reward myself.

Napoleon $6.00

French puff pastry with soft, moist sponge cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. How delectable can this not be! It is a challenge to eat the Napoleon (without mess) because the pastry is not fork-friendly and the cream is easily displaced if you stick your fork down. Even if you pick up the whole thing with your hands to try and take a bite, it will be equally messy. So what I do is to start with the top half and then eat the bottom half. I love the layers in the Napoleon – the flaky pastry, soft sponge, light cream and the sour-sweet strawberries – all come together in one bite. The strawberries neutralise the sweetness with their slightly soury flavour, making this dessert not cloyingly sweet at all. I love!

Guanaja $6.80

Guanaja $6.80

The Guanaja (pronounced ‘Gwa-nah-ha’) is Rive Gauche’s signature creation. French top quality bitter sweet chocolate mousse with layers of chocolate sponge and crispy biscuits at the bottom. You will hear a crunch with every bite which is quite an unusual sensation when you’re actually indulging in a supposedly just soft and moist chocolatey cake. Again, this is also not overly sweet even though the chocolate is very rich. Chocolate lovers, you have to try this!

Rive Gauche Patisserie
Takashimaya Food Department #B207-9-2
391 Orchard Road


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