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Snow Fungus Soup Recipe 雪耳桂圆紅棗汤

I remembered having snow fungus soup at Grandma’s house just a few weeks before she passed away in February. My husband had tried it for the first time and I was surprised he actually had several helpings as he didn’t seem interested in Chinese dessert soups previously. I said I would make the same dessert […]

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Apple Pear Bread Pudding Muffins Recipe

It’s extremely gratifying to bake on a Friday because it’s the day of the week when I’ll always try to clear out the fridge. I can enjoy a sweet treat while saving money ‘cos I need not spend extra to buy tea time snacks and I can reduce food waste too, lol. 😉 Anyway, this […]

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Deep Fried Banana Donuts Recipe

Wanted to name these ‘banana fritters’ initially but didn’t want to mix them up with goreng pisang because these were more like the Malaysian-style Kuih Kodok which literally means ‘toad cake’ because of their uneven surface. And I think ‘donut’ is a more apt name anyway because its texture is more like the regular fried […]

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Blueberry and Guava Muffins Recipe

Having so much fun baking muffins with different fruits lately. At first I just wanted to make blueberry muffins but since I had some guavas sitting in the fridge, I thought it would be a good idea to add them in just to boost the nutrient level of my sweet bakes. Who says desserts can’t […]

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Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Scones Recipe

Time for whole wheat baking again! I’ve been doing it a lot recently because I’ve a huge bag of whole wheat flour to use up and I really don’t want to waste it. My first time making whole wheat scones. (If you don’t have or don’t like whole wheat flour, then replace entirely with all-purpose […]

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Steamed Green Tea Cake Recipe

I bought this green tea powder from Meidi-Ya supermarket a long time back, used it once or twice and almost forgot all about it until recently when I had leftover red bean paste to use up and I thought of making something matcha to go with it. Realised the powder had already expired but since […]

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5-Ingredient Nutty Breadsticks Recipe

An upgraded version of my Cinnamon Sugar Breadsticks because I added ground almonds this time. This is just incredibly quick and easy to make and it’s just another excellent way to use up day old bread. As usual I don’t like to go crazy with butter or sugar in my recipes but if you like […]

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Dorayaki Recipe (Japanese Red Bean Pancake)

The first time I heard of the word dorayaki was when I was a little kid because I often watched Doraemon on TV and the dorayaki was his favourite food. Probably that was also why I loved snacking on them because Doraemon made them look so tasty, lol. Anyway, the dorayaki is basically made up […]

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Whole Wheat Oatmeal Raisin Muffins Recipe

It has been a very sweet week because I’ve posted 4 sweet treat recipes in a row. I had taken a pretty long hiatus from baking as I was trying to eliminate sugars from my diet. However, since taking my current medication, I had been craving for sugary stuffs (all the time) to feed that […]

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Rice Payasam | Kheer Recipe

I remembered the first time I tried kheer (term used in North India) or payasam (South India) at an Indian restaurant, I fell in love with the rice pudding that was sweet, creamy and milky with a lovely cardamom flavour and rose water fragrance. It was made with full fat milk and basmati rice and […]

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Baked French Toast Recipe

I would like to wish all my Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya! Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead with lots of good food, good company and good times. 🙂 I’m in a holiday mood today and I just want to make something sweet for a treat. 🙂 This is somewhat similar to a […]

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Banana & Chocolate Chip Mochi Donuts Recipe

I would say this is an improved version of my earlier Baked Pumpkin Mochi Balls recipe. As highlighted before, it wouldn’t be a good idea to go fat free for this recipe by substituting the oil with apple puree, banana mash or the like because the exterior of the mochi would end up ‘uncooked’ so […]

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Baked Pumpkin Mochi Balls with Red Bean Paste (Gluten-Free)

I was introduced to gluten-free baking recently and thought I would do a mochi baking experiment with glutinous rice flour as I was curious to know how oven-baked mochi would turn out to be. In order to reduce calories for this dessert treat, I substituted oil with extra pumpkin puree to give it more moisture. […]

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Cranberry Streusel Muffins Recipe

If you’ve bought a pack of fresh cranberries only to realise how awfully sour they are, don’t fret as they won’t go to waste. 🙂 Fresh cranberries make great additions to sweet baked goods as their tartness balances out the sweetness and gives a somewhat refreshing note like this Cranberry Streusel Muffins Recipe. The regular […]

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Healthy Cranberry Walnut Bread Recipe

I would only snack on dried cranberries once in a while as the ones we could get here often contain added sugar. So when I saw fresh cranberries being sold at the supermarket for the first time, I decided to buy one pack to try only to discover how horribly sour they were – totally […]

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Apple Crumble Recipe

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. To all my readers who celebrate the Lunar New Year, have a wonderful reunion meal with your loved ones and here’s wishing all good health and a very Happy & Prosperous Monkey Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🙂 Every time I think of the apple crumble, it would just […]

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