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Best Baked Chocolate Doughnut Recipe

After several attempts to create my first ever baked donuts, I decided to venture into making chocolate ones. And thank goodness it only took me 2 bakes to achieve the perfect texture and chocolatey flavour that I like including a sugar glaze that’s not too cloyingly sweet. My husband and I just couldn’t stop eating […]

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Eggless & Butterless Chocolate Muffin Recipe

No eggs and no butter used in muffin baking? Yes, this was what happened when I ran out of both essential ingredients and my hands were just itching to bake up something despite that. I thought these eggless & butterless chocolate muffins would be a flop but they turned out perfectly fine. Probably not as […]

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Baked Doughnuts Recipe

It’s a donut frenzy! In order to come up with a moist, cake-like texture baked doughnut, I made 3 batches before I nailed it right. And the final batch of donuts turned out so good that the first 2 batches are now neglected ๐Ÿ™ But it’s not a bad thing after all. Cooking and baking […]

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Cornmeal Pancakes Recipe

I had a big box of yellow cornmeal left after making corn muffins a while back so I decided to use them to whip up some pancakes for breakfast. The first time I made these cornmeal pancakes, they tasted a little gritty. This time, I par-cooked the cornmeal by pouring hot boiling water over it […]

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Cold Soya Beancurd Recipe

I used to be a die-hard fan of Lao Ban Soya Beancurd ่€ไผด่ฑ†่Šฑ since an ex-colleague recommended it to me. Read my Lao Ban’s review here. I was so addicted to it, I would travel all the way to Old Airport Road Food Centre, queue for at least half hour just to buy a dozen […]

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Dark Chocolate Covered Corn Flakes with Raisins Recipe

What do you do with a bar of dark chocolate, leftover breakfast corn flakes and a pack of raisins? Mix all up and spoon into mini baking cups for a fuss-free, no-bake, yummylicious chocolate snack! Thisย Dark Chocolate Covered Corn Flakes with Raisins Recipe is so easy to make, your kids can also lend a hand […]

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Tiramisu Charlotte Cake (no liqueur, less coffee) Recipe

For my Dad’s recent birthday, I had wanted to make a durian cake for him since durian is his favourite fruit. But due to the hazy weather earlier alongside with the presence of the unwelcomed flu bug at home, I had to change the durian cake to a Tiramisu Charlotte Cakeย which is less ‘heaty’ compared […]

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Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting & Seasonal Berries Recipe

For my husband’s birthday, I decided to bake him a red velvet cake which is considered my first attempt at professional cake decorating. It is also the first patisserie-standard choice of cake I ever considered making. It is a big risk because I’m no expert in baking so anything could go wrong. Normally I only […]

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Queen of Pudding Cakes Recipe

Left with a couple of soon-to-expire large eggs and not wanting them to go to waste, I decided I’d do a cake this time which I’m sure my husband would fancy (he loves cakes to bits!). Just a little treat for him since he’s working from home. Inspired by the popular British dessert, Queen of […]

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Doughnut Muffins Recipe

I took the chance to do some baking during those hazy days last week since there wasn’t much I could do with such bad air. And my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed these muffins for tea that really cheered us up. Doughnut Muffin Recipe Ingredients 140g unsalted butter, melted 120g golden caster sugar 200g plain […]

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