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Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

Happy New Year, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ After all the countdown action last night, I think we deserve a good meal to refuel ourselves and kickstart a brand new day in a brand new year. How about a lip-smacking Chicken Schnitzel, eh? I actually used 1 big piece of chicken breast (instead of 2 as indicated in […]

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Spiced Chicken Meatloaf Recipe

Made a fusion-style meatloaf using Asian spices. That ‘yellow’ colour came from the ground turmeric used which also imparted a lovely aroma to the meatloaf. After plating the dish up, I realised the colours were (unintentionally) that of traffic lights – red, green & yellow. Anyway, I chose to keep all the sides clean and […]

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Apricot Glazed Chicken Recipe

I haven’t been cooking a lot these 2 months as I’ve been away most of the time (I’m in Malaysia now! Haha) but luckily I have a huge backlog of recipes (‘cos I cooked too much and couldn’t blog about everything in time, oops) to share. Will be rolling out a series of travel & […]

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Pork Collar with Crispy Garlic Sauce

This Pork Collar with Crispy Garlic Sauce is an adaptation of my Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce (่’œๆณฅ็™ฝ่‚‰) Recipe which is suitable for those who don’t like the spicy and pungent flavour of raw garlic. After the garlic has been fried in oil, its flavour becomes milder and sweeter. Also, it kinda resembles crushed potato […]

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Potato Chips Crusted Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Occasionally on Fridays, the husband and I would have our own stay-in movie nights when we would just watch a couple of movies and munch on finger food, cheeses and nuts till the wee hours of the next morning. So I’d just prepare snacky types of food that we can easily eat with our hands […]

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Pan-Fried Curry Pork Ribs Recipe

Love ribs with meat that falls off the bone? Give my Honey BBQ Back Ribs Recipe a try. It’s a meat dish that I love to do during festive occasions or for dinner parties but it can be quite time-consuming plus there’s quite a bit of work involved. This Curry Pork Ribs Recipe is a […]

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Oriental Chicken Salad Recipe

Doesn’t this look like the yu sheng we normally have during Chinese New Year? Yep, I definitely got my inspiration from there. In fact, this salad can also qualify as the chicken version of yu sheng as it makes a really good alternative for those of you who don’t like raw fish. It is also […]

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Pineapple Chicken Recipe

As I’m typing out this recipe post, I can’t help but have that #PPAP tune ringing in my head. I’m sure most of you have watched the video clip. Such a nonsensical song but so catchy and memorable, lol. Anyway, this is a pretty healthy, low-fat dish because I’ve used skinless chicken breast meat and […]

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Oven-Roasted Honey Chilli Chicken Recipe

This Honey Chilli Chicken Recipe is really easy to make. Only three ingredients are required to marinate the chicken and once that is done, all we have to do is to pop the chicken into the oven. I love the glaze on the chicken that is sweet and a tiny bit spicy. I also love […]

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Ma La Xiang Guo Recipe ้บป่พฃ้ฆ™้”…

When I first tried Ri Ri Hong Ma La Xiang Guo (ๆ—ฅๆ—ฅ็บข้บป่พฃ้ฆ™้”…) at People’s Park Food Centre a long while back, I was blown away by that incredibly numbing and spicy flavour of that big bowl that was filled with all my favourite ingredients. Everything went so well with rice. It was like having a […]

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Oven-Baked Fermented Bean Curd Chicken Recipe

“I was running around the hospital frantically. Desperately opening the door to every room along the way. No, it wasn’t her. Where was she? Then I met him and asked him which room Granny was in. He said ’43’. I ran all the way towards the end of the corridor and found room 43. When […]

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Sour Cream Pasta Recipe

Cooking with healthier alternatives like reduced fat or fat free yogurt or sour cream almost always result in a split sauce. I used to think that split sauces are cooking disasters until when I watched this food program that showcased good eats in Taiwan. In it, they introduced this Savoury Soy Milk that was served […]

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Japanese Chicken Katsudon Recipe

Chicken katsudon is a Japanese-style fried chicken cutlet rice bowl. Some restaurants like to serve the chicken katsu with a sweet & tangy sauce that’s made with ketchup and Worcestershire sauce but I prefer mine with dashi stock, egg and onions. My husband enjoyed the chicken because the outside was crispy and the inside was […]

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Claypot Tofu Recipe ็ ‚้”…่ฑ†่…

Claypot Tofu is one of my all-time favourite dishes to order at any tze char stall in Singapore because of its savoury gravy that goes very well with rice. And since I’m one who loves variety, I really like the idea of having a wide assortment of ingredients (vegetables, meats and/or seafood) in one single […]

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Sour Cream Chicken Recipe

For at least 1 day in a week, my cooking is likely to revolve around leftovers in the fridge.ย For example, a recipe may require only 50ml greek yogurt but supermarkets only sell 500ml tubs. Or perhaps I only need 100ml buttermilk to make waffles but again I can only buy 250ml cartons. This is why […]

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Hoisin Chicken Recipe

The weekend is finally here (well, almost). There has been so much going on that I’m sort of feeling a little overwhelmed. And I’ve been ill for a month or so which makes it even more unpleasant. Had to go hospital because of a colon issue and then I was down (and I still am) […]

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